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Lin Meike will always strive for perfection and provide high-quality products and services to global soap manufacturers.

About Us
Manufacturer of complete equipment for soap/soap/laundry soap machinery.

Limac Machinery Works Corporation, Lanzhou (LIMAC) is a professional corporation devoted herself to research, development, and manufacturing of all kind of soap machinery and equipment. The corporation owned a creative design and manufacturing  team, most of them have thirty years of soap-making machinery design/ manufacturing experience. The corporation adopts internationally new mode of cooperation, integrating domestic and foreign advanced technical and production resources, so the machinery and equipment supplied by LIMAC has been highly praised by the soap producers all over the world.


Choose us to achieve production automation

Easily solve industry pain points such as excessive manual labor consumption and low efficiency

  • Efficient Efficient


    High precision, high speed, twenty-four hours continuous batch production, easy to operate.

  • Reduce costs Reduce costs

    Reduce costs

    Automatic operation, fast speed, good effect, greatly reduce the artificial, improve production efficiency!

  • Production line Production line

    Production line

    It is the ideal equipment for mass production of travel soap, soap and small and medium enterprises soap.

  • Energy saving Energy saving

    Energy saving

    Equipment covers a small area, ABB frequency control, energy-saving environmental protection.

  • Customer application examples

    Introduce to you an application example that perfectly solves customer issues

    Customer Collection

    Lanzhou Linmei Ke manufacturing equipment has been sold to over 40 countries and over 80 soap manufacturers, and our users are all over the world!